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Usages of mosaics- top 8

Usages of mosaics can't be tallied, That's the reason mosaic tiles are one of the most well known and broadly utilized tiles in the market. Their starting point can be followed back to the Roman and Greek civilizations. Nonetheless, they have developed with time and are presently accessible in different various plans and examples. Usages


St. Mary Garden City Church

St. Mary Garden City Church "Marvel at the sacred elegance of St. Mary Garden City Church, graced by a magnificent stained glass window portraying Jesus Christ. Spanning an impressive 4.5 x 2 meters, this divine masterpiece radiates spiritual reverence, casting a luminous presence within the hallowed walls of the church."


Star Mall

Embark on a visual journey at Star Mall in the new city of Asyut, where artistic expression takes center stage through captivating mosaic columns and ceilings. Each intricately designed mosaic invites you to experience a fusion of modern elegance and timeless craftsmanship, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere within the mall's vibrant space.


Six advantages of glass mosaic tiles for bathrooms

Six advantages of glass mosaic tiles for bathrooms The use of mosaic tiles for bathrooms offers a wide variety of interior decorating possibilities. From a shower tray to a bathroom or kitchen splash guard, the mosa ics for interior decoration will stimulate your five senses. Variety of colors The first big advantage of glass mosaic



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