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Philosophy of Limitless Possibilities

Established in 1999, Gdariat Designs, based in Cairo, has evolved into a comprehensive interior design service. Comprising professional engineers, architects, and artists, our team utilizes our dedicated studios, specifically tailored for mosaic and stained-glass designs. Extending our services worldwide, we’ve successfully completed projects across North America, Australia, Africa, and Europe, showcasing our global reach and diverse expertise. As an integral extension of the renowned Gdariat for Mosaic & Stained Glass Company, we pride ourselves on offering a journey marked by satisfaction. Our dedicated team of design consultants and customer service experts is committed to working tirelessly with you, empowering your projects with superior product quality and limitless creative possibilities. Trust us to transform your ideas into stunning realities, bringing your vision to life.

Our dedicated team is passionate about understanding and catering to our customers’ tastes, ensuring their needs are met precisely.

At the core of our interior design team, mosaic and stained glass creative designers are the driving force behind our success, crafting timeless designs that resonate with individuality and elegance.

Gdariat Mosaics tiles

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Our Vision

We aspire to lead the Interior Design market with a focus on Mosaic & Stained Glass, serving as the premier Service Provider for our clients. Our goal is to infuse beauty into our clients’ world by crafting timeless designs that exceed customer expectations.

Our Mission

With out our premier interior design team, we specialize in elevating your spaces with the timeless elegance of mosaic and stained glass materials. Our mission is to provide the most competitive market prices for premium quality, ensuring an unwavering commitment to excellence in terms of quality, consistency, and timely service. With a focus on meeting customer requirements at an affordable cost, our ultimate goal is to leave our clients thoroughly satisfied, as we transform their visions into stunning, bespoke designs.

Our Values

Upholding Honesty and Integrity in every relationship.
Consistently surpassing expectations.
We take pride and care in everything we do.
Innovation and exceptional teamwork are our strengths.


At the heart of every project, we are unwavering in upholding our cherished values, ensuring a commitment that transforms vision into extraordinary reality.

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