Bellagio Compound

Nestled within the exclusive enclave of Bellagio Compound, discover an oasis of tranquility – a meticulously designed swimming pool that epitomizes luxury living. Stretching an expansive 9x7 meters, this aquatic haven is a visual delight, seamlessly blending artistry with relaxation.Immerse yourself in the calming waters adorned with a captivating variety of blue mosaic tiles, carefully


Star Mall

Embark on a visual journey at Star Mall in the new city of Asyut, where artistic expression takes center stage through captivating mosaic columns and ceilings. Each intricately designed mosaic invites you to experience a fusion of modern elegance and timeless craftsmanship, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere within the mall's vibrant space.


Mena Garden City compound -1

Explore the luxurious Swimming Pool in the Mena Garden City Compound, spanning 170 square meters. Immerse yourself in the refreshing mix of the blue mosaic tiles, elegantly complemented by a 30-centimeter border along the pool walls. Adding a touch of modern flair, the pool's floor features a meticulously crafted computer-designed border, creating a harmonious blend



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