Stained glass began to be used in the early 17th century, and was widely used in churches and monasteries.

There is undoubtedly a timeless charm in incorporating adored glass as a key element in modern home décor. This choice imparts a classic touch, elevating the overall aesthetic of the home interior to a level of enduring elegance.

Here you can find the top 8 uses of stained glass for your home décor.

1- The Main Windows in the Bathroom

Whether opting for tinted or plain stained glass, incorporating it as a main bathroom window or directly near the bathtub is a transformative choice. Not only does it add a beautiful touch to your bathroom, but it also imparts a sense of privacy. The glass allows the passage of light, creating a luminous ambiance, while cleverly preventing direct visibility.

2- Clerestory Stained Glass

It is another use of stained glass in the bathroom. Where it is used as glass in the upper windows of the bathroom walls. You can choose the degree of transparency that suits you so that the stained glass can add a colorful light to the view.

3- Home Door Frame

It can be used as a frame for the house door. Especially if the door also has glass inlays.

4- Use in Lobby Windows

It can be used as a substitute for regular glass in foyer windows. It is a popular use for those who want to give their home an authentic Victorian touch.

5- Use in Transom Windows

Stained glass is preferred for transom windows if the ceilings are vaulted, and transom windows are usually above windows or doors. The use of semi-circular patterns, as well as colored stained glass, enhances the classic look of the home.

6- Interior Transom Window

Transom windows are also commonly used in old home decorations and are useful for increasing the light inside the house, and the use of it increases the beauty of that lighting.

7- Panoramic Windows

It is also called a wall window, which is to make one of the walls made of glass.

This type of décor is considered to take advantage of a wonderful view outside the house, and transparent glass is preferred. But if the view outside is not panoramic enough, it is preferable to use it, as it can benefit from the increased light transmittance inside the room, in addition to the wonderful effects of stained glass.

8- Rose Window

Usually, this window is designed in a circular shape. Its use was popularized in churches.

The rose window is a highly specialized pattern of it, and it can be placed either in the foyer to increase the lighting, or as a window for the stairs. In all cases, it will be well received by your guests.

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