Six advantages of glass mosaic tiles for bathrooms

Six advantages of glass mosaic tiles for bathrooms The use of mosaic tiles for bathrooms offers a wide variety of interior decorating possibilities. From a shower tray to a bathroom or kitchen splash guard, the mosa ics for interior decoration will stimulate your five senses. Variety of colors The first big advantage of glass mosaic


Stained Glass History

Stained glass History and technique During the Gothic period and the Renaissance (1100s–1500s) stained glass was one of the foremost techniques of painting practiced in Europe. It may seem surprising to call stained glass a form of painting, but in fact it is. Look closely at the image here and note that the


Mena Garden City compound -2

Dive into luxury at Mena Garden City Compound, where a spacious swimming pool spans 170 square meters. Immerse yourself in the refreshing blend of the blue mosaic tiles, elegantly framed by a 30-centimeter border along the pool walls. The pool's floor enhances the allure with a custom-designed carpet, intricately crafted by computer, providing a touch



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